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Soccer Coaching Program PDF

Soccer Coaching Program PDF

The LA84 Foundation is the organization created to manage Southern California’s share of the surplus from the 1984 Olympic Games.

Located in the historic Britt House since 1985, the LA84 Foundation has committed more than $160 million to create, support and expand existing youth sports programs, and develop the Paul Ziffren Sports Resource Center.

The Sports Resource Center is a state-of-the-art learning and cultural center for sports which contains sports books, films, videos, photographs and memorabilia.

To date, more than two million boys and girls and more than 1,000 youth sports organizations throughout Southern California have benefited from our endowment.

The goal of the LA84 Foundation is to be an innovator in youth sports and coaching, and to increase opportunities for achieving athletic excellence at every level.

The Foundation grants financial assistance to organizations providing youth sports opportunities, initiates and operates its own youth sports programs including Run For Fun, Summer Swim, and offers free coaching education workshops through the LA84 Foundation Coaching Program.

For additional information regarding the LA84 Foundation please visit our web site at https://www.benhamedsport1990.wine/.

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