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Real Madrid Attacking Session Practice 1of4 PDF

Real Madrid Attacking Session Practice 1of4 PDF

Jose Mourinho Attacking Sessions

114 Practices from Goal Analysis of Real Madrid’s 4-2-3-1.

Learn how to coach your team to play like " the best counter attacking team in the world " with 114 practices organised into 30 ready-made sessions.

This exceptional book in FULL COLOUR (Jose Mourinho Attacking Sessions) (formerly called Attacking & Finishing Training Sessions) is the first in a series of books which provide you with a blueprint of how to attack and score goals like the world’s best teams.

Michail is a UEFA ‘A’ license coach and has provided a full and extensive analysis of Real Madrid’s best 48 goals in the 2011-2012 season, when they scored a record 121 goals to win the Spanish Championship (La Liga).

This goal analysis of Jose Mourinho’s tactics has been used to produce 114 practices organised into 30 ready-made sessions .

Each goal is analysed, followed by a full session on that specific topic of Real’s attacking play, with clear colour diagrams, detailed descriptions and coaching points.

You can use these ready-made sessions to practice Real Madrid’s attacking play and combinations.

You can learn exactly how Real found attacking solutions for every tactical situation created by opponent’s who defended with a deep, middle or high defensive line.

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