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Finishing: Spanish Football Federation Coaching PDF

Finishing: Spanish Football Federation Coaching PDF

The actions of batting to goal and then finishing are repeated many times throughout our training.

● We use progressive training based on repetition, making sure the players are given many opportunities to finish on goal.

● We focus on the execution of the touch before shooting.

The touch should be towards goal or at an angle to evade a defender.

● The last touch needs to be with the right force, so the ball is out in front but doesn’t go too far away.

● The players need to also learn to use different parts of the foot for the last touch and for finishing.

● One of the premises that we use in the RFEF Coaching School is that once the player is approaching the goalkeeper, they should “PASS AT GOAL”.

The ball should not be kicked hard, but instead placed in the net far from the goalkeeper.

The finish will then be smoother and more accurate.

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