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In recent years, handball has become one of the most popular sports in the world.

The development of the sport has been greatly influenced by its dynamic game play and attractiveness to spectators.

Because players must quickly analyse the fast-changing circumstances of the game and act accordingly in varying situations, handball provides children the opportunity to solve key game problems through physical activity, developing important physical, psychological and social skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

In 2011, the International Handball Federation launched Handball at School, a worldwide training and education programme for Physical Education teachers.

Under the motto ‘fun, passion and health’, we set out to revolutionise the teaching of handball in schools by creating a universal programme that would increase participation in and awareness of our great sport.

In the first seven years of this programme, we have carried out more than 90 interventions around the world, and with the help of our hosting federations, we have identified and developed more than 260 new epicentres for the sport’s growth.

Focusing on introducing handball to physical education teachers who work with pupils from the ages of 5 to 17, we intend for this booklet to be used by teachers for all Handball at School Level 1 and National/Continental multipliers courses, as well as for obtaining corresponding IHF coaching licences.

I am convinced that the Handball at School programme will provide the opportunity to introduce and retain a whole new generation of youngsters, teachers, leaders and also coaches for handball.


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