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Teaching Handball at school PDF

Teaching Handball at school PDF

During the last years, handball has become a  modern and attractive high-speed game which  has been fascinating more and more spectators  and fans.

For me it is therefore an important task  for the future to benefit from the popularity of our  sport in order to get especially children and  adolescents at school interested in handball. 

As one of the first international sports organizations, the International Handball Federation has  launched a worldwide training and education programme for teachers at  schools. According to the motto “Fun, passion and health”, competent IHF  school experts, in a first phase, conduct courses for teachers of 5 to 11-yearold children on all continents.

The present booklet is an accompanying book for these courses, which will  offer all teachers practical assistance in giving attractive lessons.

I am convinced that the practical exercises of this booklet will help arousing  your children’s interest in handball.

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