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Let’s Play Mini-Handball PDF

Let’s Play Mini-Handball PDF


- is a game which is adapted to children op the age up to 8-9 years. Obviously it is not the children who are adjusted to a finished game.

They play on smaller playing areas, with smaller goals, with a smaller ball, and with rules which the children are able to understand.

- is a game which takes starting point in children’s game and natural movements.

• Run.

• Throw.

• Catch.

• Hop on one foot.

• Balance.

• Play alone.

• Jump.

• Walk.

• Jump around.

• Rotate.

• Dribble.

• Play together with others.

- is a game which satisfies children’s natural needs for movement.

The minihandball training is organized is such a way that the children get to learn the handball game through games.

It is important that the children are in activity all the time – and that each child gets to play as much with the ball as possible.

- is a game which trough games gives experiences where the result of a match is not the most important.

Both to training and to the special minihandball festival the children appear to play matches.

The purpose of these matches is to give the children the possibility to test their skills.

The match must be a positive experience – no matter if you win or loose! Therefore the single match is important and you do not “gather points to-gether” to elect a final winner.

- is a game which tries to motive small children to continuous physical activity.

On that assumption that the good and positive experiences in connection with a child’s first acquaintance with sport, will motivate to many years of continuous participation in sport, the association tries to create good conditions as regards the child’s start of going for sport.

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