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Intramural Sports Team Handball Rules PDF

Intramural Sports Team Handball Rules PDF

A player may not pull, hit, or punch the ball ou of the hands of an opponent.

If a defensive player attempts to do so, a foul is called, and the offensive team will be granted a free-throw from the spot of the foul.

Rule 1: The Court

A. All lines are part of the area they enclose.

B. 7-meter line: A penalty line, measured from the basketball free throw line, where penalty throws are taken.

C. 4-meter line: The line past which the goalkeeper cannot advance during a 7- meter penalty throw.

D. 9-meter line (27ft in radius, dashed line): A line from which free throwsare taken for minor game penalties.

E. 6-meter line (19ft, 8 in. in radius, solid line): Neither offensive players nor defenders may enter this area. Offensive players are allowed “air rights,” meaning they can jump from behind the 6-meter line, shoot from above the goalkeeper area, thenland in it after releasing the ball.

Rule 2: Equipment

A. Each team is required to wear a jersey or shirt of the same color. Goalkeepers must wear a different colored shirt than either team.

B. All players must wear non-marking shoes. The shoes must be rubber-soled, athletic shoes.

C. Equipment which may be dangerous to another player (such as hats and bandannas)is not allowed. The supervisor/official will determine if an article is dangerous and will ask Intramural Sports Team Handball Rules the player to remove the article. If the player refuses he/she will be asked toleave.

D. Knee braces made of hard, unyielding substances covered on both sides with all edges overlapped and any other hard substances covered with at least ½ inch of slow recovery rubber or similar material will be allowed.

E. Jewelry, rubber bands, chains, rings, or earrings may not be worn. Medical alert bracelets or religious items may be taped to the body.

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