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Handball Strategies and Tactics PDF

Handball Strategies and Tactics

Whether you’re new to the sport or you’ve played before, here are a few strategies you and your team will want to know before hitting the court.

Offensive Strategies:

  • Quick, accurate passes are your friend. Try not to lob the ball or make long passes as it gives the opposing team a chance to take possession.
  • Try constantly cutting towards the goal with or without the ball; this forces the defense to continuously adjust and opens up more scoring opportunities for your team.
  • Move the ball quickly and keep the dribbling to a minimum. Scoring opportunities develop when sharp, quick passes are made and the defense does not have time to adjust to what you’re doing.
  • Don’t force a shot! If you drive for a shot and are blocked by defense, pass to a teammate instead.

Defensive Strategies:

  • Be ready to switch from offense to defense FAST. If there’s a turnover, your whole team needs to be ready to switch to defense otherwise you leave yourself open to a lot of scoring opportunities. Handball is a fast-paced game and these turnovers happen quickly.
  • Decide as a team if you will defend man-to-man or zone. 
    • Man-to-man means each member on your team picks a player on the other team and covers them directly. When done right, it can work really well, however, it is physically tiring and if one person doesn’t cover their mark properly, it can leave them open to score.
    • Zone defense is where all of your team members defend the entire zone. The most effective way to do this is to line up on your crease to limit the offense’s scoring opportunities; this directly protects the goal area.
  • Whether you’re defending man-to-man or zone, always position yourself between your opponent and the goal; don’t fall behind your opponent.

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