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Get a free number to activate all social media sites with ease

Get a free number to activate all social media sites with ease

Many social media users want to get fake numbers in order to activate them, as these numbers will help them get more privacy, for this we will present to you in this article the best way to get fake numbers to activate social media easily and for free, this method is reflected in The distinguished sites that provide fake American numbers that you can use on Facebook in the activation process, and we will not be satisfied with this, but we will also provide you with other effective and guaranteed ways to obtain American numbers to confirm them.

It should be noted that these European and American numbers provided by the sites are valid for all other social networking sites Like Instagram, Telegram, etc.

We now move to discover the sites that provide these numbers and how to use them.

Toll-free numbers are among the solutions that many people turn to when they want to solve a problem or run their business.

A free number is generated through the free number program or websites that provide American or European numbers according to the person's desire, and these numbers have many advantages that made them popular among users of all ages, and these numbers are used normally as with other numbers used In addition to being safe, it does not pose any danger to the user because it is provided by well-known websites and applications.

How to activate WhatsApp with a US number

1- Save the number that you previously obtained a free US number for WhatsApp from the US number applications.
2- In the next step, download the WhatsApp application, and if you have a WhatsApp account and want to create another account, you must download the WhatsApp Business application.
3- Enter the US number you got in the space designated for it.
4- You have to wait a few seconds until you receive a message containing the activation code.
Get a free number to activate all social media sites with ease

5- Enter the 6-digit activation code in its place.
6- Enter your name and create your own picture, and by this you will have been able to obtain WhatsApp with an American number in an easy and simple way.

Primo Program:

It is an easy-to-use program, through which you will be able to obtain an American number to activate your WhatsApp or any other application you want for a period that may exceed more than 5 months, and after the expiration of this period, you will have to pay a sum of money to get a more extension through it.
primo app download link:

hushed program to get a US number


The hushed application is considered among the best applications that provide services for the American number, and among its features that make it popular with visitors is that it offers its users a trial period, in addition to offering calling minutes and text messages as well, and you can activate social networking sites with it, as well as messaging programs Such as Facebook, Viber and other social networking sites, and this application requires its users to register a new account so that they can benefit from all services and from the trial period as well, in addition to that, it provides weekly, monthly and yearly plans and international calling minutes, and all this at an affordable price.
hushed app download link:

textplus program to get the US number

textplus program

This application is among the best programs for providing American phone numbers, and with it you can make several international calls and send text messages, in addition to its easy use and it can be linked to any platform or social networking site, and these types of applications are very similar to the main communication programs In mobile phones, these programs work for free and enable receiving messages to activate different programs, so the user will not face any difficulties during their use, and you can get them both on Android or iPhone.
Download textplus:

Bitrix24 website

Bitrix24 is among the best sites that provide people with free virtual phone numbers, and it also provides automatic dialing programs and voice responses as well. This application allows its users to receive your customers with messages.

This program is distinguished from others by many advantages, including:
  • Allows you to record and forward calls.
  • Bitrix24 offers phone number rental services to over 43 countries and territories.
  • The site has automatic call distribution (ACD).
  • The site allows you to use any device you want, including computers, iOS, Android and other devices.
  • This application includes a lot of American virtual numbers as it includes a phone system that works with all its energy.
  • CRM software is available for free.
  • Allows you to divert calls to other departments in your organization.
  • The program offers you the ability of Bitrix24 for your computer to interact with your mobile phone.
Program link:
In the previous paragraph, we presented you with a group of sites, but they are not considered the only ones, but there are many of the same type, so here is a list of them:

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