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Coaching manual for Helsinki Giants handball club PDF

Coaching manual for Helsinki Giants handball club PDF

Handball is not a big sport in Finland with only about 3000 players nationwide.

This is one of the main reasons why we must be able to make the most out of our players, as we don't do not have such a mass of players that would automatically develop up to top players.

Coaches have at least two main challenges. First, they should be able to develop young talents as much as possible. On the other hand the coaches must at the same time when coaching the talents keep the players, which are only playing since having handball as one of their hobbies.

This requires different kind of an approach from the coach. Every practise must be planned with these two types of players in mind.

These challenges were the main reasons why Helsinki Giants handball club had been planning to get a manual for the coaches created.

There has not been a coaching manual for our club during the nine years it has existed. The head of coaching had been planning to do this type of manual, but was pleased that someone else from the club wanted to do it, since he never found enough time for it.

When discussing this assignment with the head of coaching in Helsinki Giants, Jaakko Horelli, I got basically very broad guidelines about what we wanted to do here and what needed to be in the manual.

Everything else he left to me. While we were discussing about the manual, we found out that we share the same kind of approach to this game and how it should be taught.

We then agreed that I will make this manual based on our discussions and brief meetings we were to have along the way when I am making the manual.

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