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7 Easiest Foreign Sites to Make Money Online (25-100$ per day)

7 Easiest Foreign Sites to Make Money Online (25-100$ per day)

Are you bored and looking for honest sites to profit from the Internet or sites that pay money online?

Do not worry, today and in this explanation, since many people are looking for sites to earn money from the Internet guaranteed 2021, we have collected for you the best foreign sites for profit from the Internet that support the most popular withdrawal methods such as (PayPal - Western Union).

Your home and even without capital, continue the explanation to the end.

Earning money from the Internet may be difficult for many to master! But, fortunately, with the technical development that the world is witnessing, especially in 2021 and 2022, it has become much easier, which made any novice person earn money online because of the many ways to profit from the Internet for free currently available, from online job opportunities, freelancing, ways Earn money from home, and many many ways to earn money online without capital. But at the same time, you need to have some skills that will help you get the job you are looking for.

But don't worry! If you do not have previous experience, whether in programming, website development, website creation, article writing, translation, etc... the matter is not over yet, you can find free ways and do not need experience other than lazy money for free and accumulate capital through it, or you can Learn a new skill to increase additional sources of income and earn large profits of money in addition to gaining new additional skills.

So through this article and after a long time searching for the best guaranteed and honest sites to make money, we will learn about the best foreign sites to earn money and work online, and we hope that you will find the most suitable work for you and start making profits for free.

1. Udemy 

Udemy is an educational platform for online teaching, launched in 2010 and it is considered one of the most popular online education platforms, and more than 50 million people have enrolled so far from all over the world, in addition to nearly 58 thousand teachers (Freelancers).


The way or opportunity that you can take advantage of from this platform is to join the team of teachers and through it to become one of the (Free Lancers.

For now, with the great development of 2022, many are teaching Arabic or English by creating online courses and downloading them on this platform.

You can choose a lot of the skills you master, whether it is design, e-marketing, Photoshop, cooking or any field you master.

Website registration link:


2. Upwork

If you are looking for a guaranteed site for freelancing, the first option or site that you should consider is Upwork.

This site is considered one of the largest and most famous global sites for freelance work on the Internet.

The site also includes about 14 million freelancers registered on the site, in addition to more than 5 Million customers (who choose you to carry out their business).


The site is also considered one of the largest freelance markets in the world, so that the number of published works in 2022 will reach more than 5 million jobs published from this site annually, and the site’s revenues reach more than one billion US dollars.

The principle of working on the site is very easy, so that the person needs to create an account on the site and then put all the information and skills that you have inside the site, whether it is writing articles, programming, photoshop, or any field in which you have the skill, and then put the amount of your choice in exchange for working for one hour .

After the account is approved on the site, it will have a personal page in addition to the complete information that you initially set about yourself and the skills you possess.

And when your account is ready to use, anyone can start searching for a job, the job he's looking for, all you have to do is search in the search box for the name of the job you're looking for in order to show you a huge list of thousands of offers and amounts offered for work, or so that customers can search On your behalf through your account on the site to send you job opportunities to you to do them.

Website registration link:


Earn money by uploading images, this site is considered one of the most famous sites for selling images on the Internet and making money from them.

By uploading and selling images on the Internet and promoting them, of course selling and promoting, you are not responsible for them, but the site itself takes care of this matter.


All you need is to upload images, and the company itself is the one that handles everything from publishing and advertising.

The method of profit through this site is very easy. We will explain it to you in detail on this site and the method of profit through it with ease and earn additional money through this terrible site .

Website registration link:


4 ever 

If you are looking for a way to make money that supports withdrawal through Western Union, this site is considered the best site for making money that supports Western Union, and it is one of the most popular survey sites for profit through Western Union, in addition to that it is considered one of the easiest sites to profit from surveys 2022.


The site depends on profit in several ways, by publishing the popular link and songs, as well as profit by uploading files, photographs and videos, and this increases your chance of winning through this site.

As for the method of withdrawing money through the site, there are many on this site, as it supports withdrawals through Vodafone Cash and Payer, in addition to Wester Union.

Website registration link:

5. Textbroker's 

This site is dedicated to me writing articles and content makers, through it anyone can beat the field of writing articles and making content profit through it with ease.

What is a site specialized in writing articles since its inception in 2008.


After registering on the site and putting the full information about you, the site’s approval in creating the account, I can search for any specialized areas and write about them, such as technical topics, scientific or geographical topics, etc., to submit them and submit offers to them.
The function of the site in a nutshell lies in its role as an intermediary between the writer and the client, so that when the client pays the amount due to the writer, here the site receives a percentage of the amount in turn as an intermediary in the sale.
To date, there are more than 90,000 active customers through this site, and in turn it helps many people to increase job opportunities available on the site, freelancer or writing.
Website link:


6. Fiverr

Fiverr is also considered one of the most famous freelance sites that provide many services and through which you can work as a freelancer and profit through your business and service that you provide on the site.

Viber is distinguished by being one of the most popular sites currently among the freelance sites for the year 2021, in addition to being honest in paying money and making it easy to create an account through this site.


Fiverr allows you to create one account for each user, and this account can be used for buying and selling.

The method of profit from Fiverr is based in the same way that Upwork offers, which is to connect people who have skills in certain areas such as web design, photoshop, music making or any of the mini-services, as it is considered a link between the seller of the service and the customer (client).

Website registration link:

7. wikibuy 

The wikibuy site, through which you can earn money in addition to financial rewards, by shopping through Internet sites and stores that provide goods at the cheapest prices.


After you enter the site, the site's database will take you to the stores that give the best offers and discounts on your purchases. In addition, you can win prizes and rewards by shopping through the sellers and merchants provided by the site.
What is unique about the site is that it automatically transfers you through hundreds of sites and stores that offer the best bargain prices. You can earn money through it in addition to buying products and goods at the cheapest prices and in guaranteed ways.
Website registration link:


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